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El Gaucho

El Gaucho

C/ La Vila 39
17310 Lloret de Mar - Girona
Telf. 972 373 401

El Dorado

El Dorado

Avdg Juan Carlos I, 14 Poblado tipico
17487 Empuriabrava - Girona
Telf. 972 454 940



Steak Costa Brava

When we talk about Argentina kitchen, obviously you have to talk about the "asado".
The roast, also known as grill, is made with different types of meat such as beef, pork, lamb, chicken, etc ...
The meat is cooked slowly on the grill acquiring exceptional flavor.

In our stores you will see how we cook meat, since our grill is open and meats are prepared in view of diners.

The typical Argentine asado dressing is "chimichurri", composed primarily of garlic, parsley, red pepper, oil and vinegar.

We too like to welcome you to another very typical salsa in Argentina, called "salsa criolla", with the same ingredients but also the chimichurri is added pepper and chopped onion.

In any of our locations you will find great steakhouses charged with preparing your favorite cut of meat on the grill.

Steak Costa Brava

Besides roast not miss the chance to try other typical Argentine dishes that will surely impress.

Star Among our starters are meat pies or humita (vegetables) prepared with the same recipe for over 30 years and retaining the original recipe from our grandmother.

You will also have the opportunity to satisfy your taste buds with other entrees like language vinaigrette, provolone cheese made a wonderful grilled flank steak rolled or stuffed with vegetables, among others.

It will not miss a variety of salads or pastas.

And to finish off a great meal do not miss the chance to try our homemade desserts, fresh milk being the big winner, taken either within or accompanying a pancake homemade flan.

We hope your visit and feel at home.

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